D and D Kennel

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Customer Feedback

Please give D and D Kennel and our employees your feedback. It can be on anything from our facility, employees, services, specials, contests, or even the products we used on your pet or that we sold you for your pet. Your feedback could also be about ourwebsite, Facebook page, or anything else.

Thank you for your feedback! We love to everyone's feedback.

Quotes We found D and D Kennel because we were looking for two Persian kittens to add as pets to our family. We were so pleased with the pictures of the kittens that were available, and Diane was a huge help over the phone. When we came to get the kittens, we were immediately smitten with them. Now, after having them for over 6 months, I can attest that they still have the sweetest personalities and are completely gentle to our children. I have had some wonderful cats throughout my life, but these two cats are the friendliest and most loving I've ever had. I would highly recommend D and D Kennel/ Purrwind Cattery. Thank you so much! Quotes
Persian Cat Owner