D and D Kennel

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Our Accommodations

We have boarding all year round.  Our goal is to make you happy about leaving your pet.  We take the time to make sure that your pet is safe, clean, and happy in air conditioned or heated kennels.

You can schedule walks and play time out in our fenced play yards. D and D Kennel features a six acre park like setting. Walks are all done on our fenced in property - not in the street. We have spacious fenced play yards. Deluxe boarding includes a walk, individual playtime, and group playtime. Kennel technician(s) is/are present in both individual and group play times to watch and interact with dogs. All dogs are evaluated before being allowed to join a group playtime session. All dogs participating in group play sessions must be in good health including free of transferable illnesses and free of parasites. Dogs participating in group play time sessions must also be spayed/neutered. If for some reason your dog does not fit into a group play session, or your do not wish for them to participate, they can have another individual playtime instead. Basic boarding does not include any walks or play times, but they can be added for an additional fee.  He or she may want to play ball or Frisbee.  Whatever activity they decide to participate in you can be assured that their vacation will be enhanced with our fun and spacious play yard and experienced technicians.

We care about your pet's diet, so we feed our guests Dry Dog Food. If you prefer at no additional cost, we'll happily prepare and feed your pet any food that you provide. If you have any special feeding instructions please include them.  Because there are pets with specific feeding instructions we do ask that you measure and divide each feeding out in baggies or small containers and label each baggy/container with feeding instructions as well as the pet's name of course. Your pet's health is our major concern.  To minimize digestive issues caused by dietary changes we highly suggest that you provide us with your pet's food. Please only bring us the amount of food, treats, bones that you would like your dog to have during his/her stay. 

If your pet will require daily medication (or any other vitamin, supplement), our staff is qualified to administer any medication that your pet needs.  We do not administered any injectable medication. We ask that all medication be brought in their original containers (only the amount needed not a full container if the entire amount is not needed) or provide medication divided out into a pill container. Pill containers can be found in different frequencies for example daily, AM and PM, or AM, Noon, and PM.  If you administer the medication differently than the label indicates, please inform the intake assistant of the changes.  Please let us know what the medication is for and any special instructions. If your pet takes medication in a food product, pill pockets, etc. please provide that product.  We do have a refrigerator so it is not a problem to refrigerate your pet's food if needed.  There is an additional charge for this service, $1.00 each time administered. Please only bring in the amount of medication that your pet will need during his/her stay. 

Please do not mix any type of medication in with food without specifying that you are doing this first. 

Please take note there is still a medication administration fee for medication mixed into food. This is because while many people tell us their dog eats it in their dry food - many do not while in board and we end up finding it remaining in the food bowl which can also result in medication not being taken as directed so it is important we are aware of where the medication is and when it is to be administered as your pet's health is very important to us. 

If your pet were to have a medical emergency while in board the veterinarian will ask if the pet is on any medication, vitamins, supplements, etc. so for the health of your pet it is important that we are aware of the pet being on medication, vitamins, or other supplements, the names of what the pet is on, and why so this does not negatively effect the diagnosis or treatment of your pet, nor vet charge for diagnosing a health problem you the owner are already aware of. Please keep in mind when emergencies occur - they are just that emergencies - so your primary and or preferred veterinarian or animal hospital may not be available to your pet's emergency meaning an emergency hospital with no history on your pet could be where he/she receives veterinarian care. 

There is a medication form to be filled out on the submit forms online page



Reservations are required at all times to assure availability for your pet(s). Please do not hesitate to call (610-944-6468), even at the last minute. We will try to accommodate your needs. If for any reason you and your pet(s) are unable to make your reservation please let us know as soon as possible. 

All boarding reservations are made through our website, on the submit forms online page - you fill out the boarding contract for your pet(s). We also ask that you fill out the owner and pet information form and emergency contact form which are also found on the page.