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Customer Feedback

Please give D and D Kennel and our employees your feedback. It can be on anything from our facility, employees, services, specials, contests, or even the products we used on your pet or that we sold you for your pet. Your feedback could also be about ourwebsite, Facebook page, or anything else.

Thank you for your feedback! We love to everyone's feedback.

Quotes I have tried 3 other kennels over the years and my small dogs were in shock for 2 days after bringing them home. I felt awful. Picked my Lhasa Apso up this morning and he is just hanging out, like he was never away. They go out of their way to figure out what your dog likes, bathroom habits, eating habits and my dog actually likes the folks who take care of him! I was told by other kennels that he was mean, had emotional problems, etc. At D and D they like him and he likes them. I highly recommend this kennel!!! Quotes
Marianne Malec

Quotes What a great service you offered today...low cost vaccinations in a beautiful environment with friendly & helpful staff. It's been quite a while since I've been to your kennel, you made so many great additions. It looked great! Quotes
Terri Cinaglia

Quotes We have been boarding our dogs with D & D for years now. They are well cared for and always happy to return there. Quotes
Happy and Satisfied Client

Quotes I have a 105 pound adopted lab/bulldog mix that got kicked out of doggy daycare for his terrible manners and I drive him 30 minutes to Fleetwood to D&D because for some reason they love him almost as much as I do. He is unpredictable and moody, and can't even get along with half of my family/friends, but every time I come to pick him up I am told how much the staff love them and how much they hate to see him leave. Thanks to D&D I can actually take vacation and feel confident that my baby is in good hands and will be happy and healthy when I come home! Quotes
Satisfied Dog Mommy

Quotes D and D Kennel is the best! They know more about my dog then I can even remember. The last time I brought him in I told the staff that he had hurt his leg at home from falling off the couch and needed to be watched closely. I recently brought him in again to be boarded and they asked about his leg that I had completly forgotten about. It was comforting to know that they knew him so well. This place is the perfect place to bring your pet, its bright and cheery, they have central air, and even heated floors. My dog is so happy to go there and comes home happy and clean as if he was on vacation himself. Quotes

Quotes Hi I left my cat there for a week two summers ago. I popped in without notice to check out the place and it was clean and the young lady was friendly. My cat was a little home sick but was healthy and clean. I was happy with there service. If you must leave your pet it is always hard. There is no place like home! Quotes
Nice people

Quotes Took my 3 German Shepherds here for an overnight stay last week. The staff and owners are extremely friendly. I will definitely be going back here again. The accommodations are very clean and well kept all of this made me feel very confident about leaving my "kids" here. Quotes
Steph Chylack-Davenport

Quotes Excellent Dog Grooming! Quotes
Alyssa Parrett

Quotes Your place looks great Diane!!!!! Quotes
Carol Ronca

Quotes I and my dogs love this place! The owners are great and live on the premisies. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable. I love that I can ask questions and receive a genuine and realistic approach to training my dogs. They recently made a resort type addition to the facility that is completely a five star pet resort. Its amazing! My dogs live better here then they do at home. They have heated floors and plush dog bedding and beds. They offer doggie spa where my dogs get a deluxe wash and pedicure and come home smellling great. I use to feel guilty about boarding my dogs when I went away and now I feel like they are on vacation too. I have been boarding my dogs here for years and feel like family when I come here with my dogs. I have even taken advange of their doggie day care. Quotes
Natalie B.