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Customer Feedback

Please give D and D Kennel and our employees your feedback. It can be on anything from our facility, employees, services, specials, contests, or even the products we used on your pet or that we sold you for your pet. Your feedback could also be about our website, Facebook page, or anything else. 

Thank you for your feedback! We love to everyone's feedback.

Quotes I have a 105 pound adopted lab/bulldog mix that got kicked out of doggy daycare for his terrible manners and I drive him 30 minutes to Fleetwood to D&D because for some reason they love him almost as much as I do. He is unpredictable and moody, and can't even get along with half of my family/friends, but every time I come to pick him up I am told how much the staff love them and how much they hate to see him leave. Thanks to D&D I can actually take vacation and feel confident that my baby is in good hands and will be happy and healthy when I come home! Quotes
Satisfied Dog Mommy

Quotes I have tried 3 other kennels over the years and my small dogs were in shock for 2 days after bringing them home. I felt awful. Picked my Lhasa Apso up this morning and he is just hanging out, like he was never away. They go out of their way to figure out what your dog likes, bathroom habits, eating habits and my dog actually likes the folks who take care of him! I was told by other kennels that he was mean, had emotional problems, etc. At D and D they like him and he likes them. I highly recommend this kennel!!! Quotes
Marianne Malec

Quotes What a great service you offered today...low cost vaccinations in a beautiful environment with friendly & helpful staff. It's been quite a while since I've been to your kennel, you made so many great additions. It looked great! Quotes
Terri Cinaglia

Quotes We have been boarding our dogs with D & D for years now. They are well cared for and always happy to return there. Quotes
Happy and Satisfied Client

Quotes Quick and kind people Quotes
Naomi Zebe

Quotes I can not express how thankful and appreciative I am of D and D Kennel! My dog had the best 3 days and they were transparent, honest, and forthcoming with all information! I am a helicopter dog mom and they exceeded my expectations! Will be using their services and be highly recommending them!! Quotes
Krista Steffy
5 stars

Quotes Love the grooming on my beautiful Standard Poodle. They are also awesome breeders Quotes
Sue Hurrell

Quotes Would recommend this business .They gave my dog a very nice hair cut .Groomer was very friendly .Will be going back . I can honestly say in the 5 years that I have Bella the hair cut you gave her is the nicest she ever got .have recommended this business to all my doggie friends ,thanks again . Quotes
Jane Becker

Quotes I recently rescued a retrivadoodle who deseperatly needed to be groomed. I called Diane and told her that he was in terrible shape and everytime I try to brush him he would try to bite me. She told me to bring him in and she would try to groom him. She gave me a reasonable estimate and told me to come back in a few hours. I was anxious to leave him as I knew he had some anxiety issues and a biter. Diane called me back after three hours and told me that Elli was ready to be picked up. I was shocked at the transformation. Elli was relaxed, clean, groomed and smelled terrific. I was very impressed with the groom and the price that I was charged. I also recommend Diane and her facility to my friends and family who have also been very satisfied with her services. It is important to note that the Kennel books by appointment only for grooming and boarding and that they have limited office hours. Quotes

Quotes My dogs love going there, wouldn't recommend/go anywhere else for boarding or grooming. Not only do they care for your animals while being bording there, they also take time to play, walk and just ineract and show them attention to make their boarding experience comfortable and fun for your pets. Quotes
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