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New procedures due to Covid-19

(Updated early June 2020)


Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic is effecting everyone, as well as the mandates, guild lines, etc being issued as a result of Covid-19. We understand these are all being issued to keep us healthy, you healthy, as well as the rest of our community who us or you could come into contact with healthy. We wish the best of health to everyone. We ask that every follow all CDC and PA Department of Health guide lines so that everyone can stay healthy. (this does include wearing a mask and social distancing)

Please keep in mind if there are any mandated closures we will have to follow them. 
(For example pet grooming in Pennsylvania has been considered a non-essential business therefore if non-essential businesses must close that would also mean grooming services would have to close.)


Social distancing

We are implementing a minimum of 6 feet social distancing.

We ask that you do please be respectful of this for everyone's health. 

We will be doing our best to ensure one client at time is entering or exiting our facility in order to help everyone is successfully social distancing.



Please take note that all Pennsylvanians are encouraged to wear masks. 

Wearing a mask helps protect both the person wearing the mask and those are you.  Please also remember to wear your mask properly. 

We ask that you do please be respectful of this. We will be doing our best to ensure one client at time is entering or exiting our facility in order to help everyone successfully social distance in addition to wearing masks. 

Please keep in mind that although we are doing our best to help everyone social distance - both us as well as trying to have our clients social distance - please still wear a mask to limit your spread of germs (even if you don't think you are sick - remember it is said that you can be asymptomatic). Remember my mask protects you & your mask protects me. Although we are highly encouraging everyone to social distance, if we cannot guarantee that someone will not cross paths if someone is early/late or someone misses that someone else is there. 



Please note due to Covid-19 it has been recommended that everyone follow social distancing protocols. For those of your who have been here previously you know we have a very small office, so we do feel in order to maintain proper social distancing protocols that would be best done without inviting anyone into our small office. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Contact us

If you need to reach us please call us at 610-944-6468 (please remember this is a landline so calls only please, no text messages as we will not be able to receive them).

Our e-mail address is [email protected]

When you e-mail us please have the service (for example boarding, grooming, and the type of animal in the subject line) it helps to more quickly spot appointment requests, or for vaccination records or rabies certificate for that to be in the title, or update or records, so when and if we need to quickly search for it we can. It also helps to prevent these items to going into spam and them being missed or deleted mistaking them for spam emails. 

Our fax number is 610-944-5728.

You can reach us on Facebook at D and D Kennel.



As always we do everything by appointment between set business hours. We ask that you do please be respectful of this. We will be doing our best to ensure one client at time is entering or exiting our facility in order to help everyone successfully social distance. This not only helps in regards to Covid-19 health precautions, but also helps in the event that there is an unsocial dog entering or exiting our facility (that way no one is potentially risking their dog getting injured). 

As usual you can make your dog's reservations over the phone (by calling 610-944-6468) or internet (e-mailing [email protected] is the fastest way, however Facebook message to Facebook page D and D Kennel, or website form can be used as well - please note website form submissions are not seen as quickly). If for some reason you do not hear back from us within 24 hours please call us - thank you. 

When you are scheduling a boarding appointment, please know the following so we are able to schedule your boarding appointment: 
  • Check in date and time
  • Check out date and time
  • Would you like your dog to stay in the basic or deluxe boarding? (If you are not sure please refer to our rates and services page for information regarding the differences. There are also pictures and videos on both our website and Facebook page to give you a virtual tour of both boarding areas)
  • We ask that if you pet has any health, behavioral, and or senior age concerns you make us aware of this at time of reservation, including special care needs and or medication needs. 

When you are requesting a grooming appointment, please know the following to aid us in our scheduling process
  • When you are available (or not available) to bring your dog in for grooming services so we can quickly narrow it down to a date and time that will work for both of us (for you to bring in and pick up your pet on time as well as for us to groom your pet)
  • What the grooming services are that you desire for your dog (for example shave off, a specific hair cut, trim, bath, nails, ear hair plucking and cleaning etc - please keep in mind whether or not your dog is matted will depend on how your dog's hair can or cannot be cut, as well as if your dog will cooperate for that service) *Please do keep in mind due to the large amount of time grooming was closed due to Covid-19 mandated closure - most dogs will likely need to be shaved off due to matting. 
  • If we are not familiar with your dog please be prepared to tell us what breed the dog is, size, coat condition, as well as desired groom. If we are not familiar with your dog please let us know if you know or suspect any behavior concerns when it comes to grooming your dog (for example if you know or suspect the dog does not like nail trimming and is likely bite the groomer - telling us this helps prevent the groomer from being bitten).
  • If your dog has any health issues or concerns that effect grooming your dog please make us aware of this at the time of scheduling your dog (for example: tumors/growths, a dog who over weight or has arthritis or injury and is unable to stand for long periods, etc.)

(Knowing the above information helps the groomer to estimate how much time it is expected to groom each dog and schedule the following grooms after. Also if needed by providing the information above this also helps the groomer to provide an estimate however please keep in mind it is only an estimate a better estimate can be provided when the groomer can actual see and feel the dog's coat - estimates are based upon the dog's breed, size, coat condition, and desired groom/haircut.) 

Due to the Covid-19 mandated nonessential business shut down we are now very behind in our grooming schedule. Please be on time for your appointment as this not only effects your appointment, but the appointments following yours. Clients arriving late may have to be rebooked and in that event the late/cancelation fee will apply to cover loss of earnings. Please be on time for picking up your dog as well. Late collections will be charged in a pet sitting fee ($5 per 15 minutes) as this may result in the next client having to be postponed or even canceled. 

Any special instructions you have for your dog while in our care should be e-mailed [email protected]


Please see boarding requirements page if you have not already.

As always we will still need to have all dogs up to date vaccination records (including Rabies, Da2ppv, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza) including the actual rabies certificate on file and we do need this prior to check in to assure that your dog is properly vaccinated. Vaccination records can be sent to us by you or your veterinarian to our e-mail address [email protected] or by fax 610-944-5728. (Please remember its the actual vaccination record, rabies certificate that we need - not just a reminder or your invoice). 

NEW! Boarding contracts for all pets can now be filled out and submitted through our website - please see the Submit Forms Online page of our website. If you pet is on medication there is also a medication form that needs to be filled out. There is also an emergency contact form that is to be filled our prior to each visit. 
If for some reason you have an issue and are unable to complete the form please e-mail us requesting a boarding contract - shortly before your dog's boarding stay you will be e-mailed a copy of our boarding agreement which you will need to read, fill out, sign, and send back to us. This can be sent back to us by taking a pictured or scanning it and emailing it back to us or by fax 610-944-5728. 

When you drop off your dog, there are two things that may occur:
  • You may be assigned a specific enclosure to put your dog into. Please do not put your dog in any other enclosure - only the enclosure you have been assigned. Please keep in mind other enclosures will likely already have someone else's dog currently in them or they are also about to be occupied. All enclosures are indoor/outdoor enclosures, with a door that can be shut keeping the dog(s) on one side. When you drop off your dog the door will be closed, however it will be opened after you leave. 
  • You may be told to place your dog into a pen temporarily which is located at the front of the basic boarding area (this is regardless of whether your dog will be boarded in basic or deluxe boarding). After you put your dog into the pen and leave the boarding area we will come out to get your dog and place your dog into the enclosure he/she will be staying in. (If you have any concern that your dog will escape the pen please let us know asap). (Why is the drop off/pick up pen on the basic boarding side you may wonder - this is due to the fact that the fence around our deluxe boarding area is solid, which means you cannot see if we are on the other side, a dog is on the other side, or another client - which not only would make a social distancing problem, but also poses a safety issue. The basic boarding fence can be seen through to see whether or not another client and dog(s) are in area with the temporary pen)

As always please remember if you have a prong collar, harness, bandana, clothing on your dog these items must be removed by you before you leave your dog as leaving these items on your dog is a safety concern. As always we do not use prong collars if you have a prong collar for your dog you do need to take it home with you. We will not be using anyone's harness or leash during the dog's stay so please take these items with you as we do not need to use and will not be using them. This also helps to ensure these items aren't moved and misplaced during your dog's stay. If your dog was wearing a bandana or clothing this can be taken home as well after its removed. 
We do not need to have your dog's collar either, so if you would like to remove this and take it home with you you may, however we do understand if you would like your dog's collar to remain on for identification purposes. 
(Please remember to bring your leash, etc back with you at time of pick up - all dogs must be walked on leashes - you are not permitted to allow your dog to run loose in the boarding area or in our parking lot as this is a safety issue). 

As always please remember to bring your dog(s) food. Please have food divided out into each feeding so your dog is fed the amount you would like fed. Please include any feeding instructions. Please do not bring a big bag of food (it is best that food is divided out into each feeding, - this helps to keep your dog's food fresh, as well as prevents food from being spilled, etc). Please only provide the amount of food you would like your dog to eat during his/her stay. Please do not provide additional food if you do not want your dog eating additional food and do not plan on extending their stay.

If your dog is on medication. Please remember to tell us what the name of the medication is, why your pet is on this medication and instructions. If your dog eats the medication in something such as a pill pocket, meat, cheese, peanut butter, etc please provide enough for each medication administration. Please do not provide extra medication unless for some reason you think it will be needed. If medication is in pill form please provide medication divided out in pill case for each administration (pill cases can be found in different frequencies such as daily, AM and PM, AM, NOON, and PM). If the medication requires refrigerators please let us know. 

 Anything that you will be dropping off with your pet can be left on the outside of that enclosure or be left right in front of the kennel. We will get your dog settled in and then bring in anything that you have brought. If there is anything requiring refrigeration please let us know so we get that stored appropriately. Please remember to have all of your dog's items labeled. 

Please keep in mind as always we ask that your pet's items are all labeled - food, toys, bedding, etc - this helps to get these items back to you in the event that they are removed to be cleaned, or for example if you dog takes his/her toy out into the yard at playtime and it gets forgotten in the yard. 

Due to Covid-19 germ spreading concerns we ask that if you are bringing anything in with your pet that it is clean (for example use new baggies for food, disinfect food container and scooper prior to bringing, if you're bringing your dog a blanket or a toy wash it first rather than just picking it up from the bed/floor and bringing along). Please also remember we ask that you do not bring in any large or extra large bedding (for example if it is too big to fit into the washing machine and or dryer please do not bring it - this is due to the fact that if we do like to be able to make sure bedding goes home clean and cannot wash and dry large bedding/beds if they should be to get dirty or soiled if they cannot fit into the washing machine or dryer.). 

We will follow similar procedures at time of pick up. Prior to pick up you will be notified of your boarding fee.  Please call us when you have arrived to pick up your dog so we can confirm which number enclosure your dog is in or if your dog is in the holding pen, and make sure your dog's belongings if you brought any are outside his/her/their enclosure or out front for you to pick up. Please keep in mind at times dogs are moved from one enclosure to another so please confirm which enclosure your dog is in first - do not just assume he/she is in the same enclosure as drop off (for example a dog may be moving for cleaning purposes, or could be moved so he/she is now in an enclosure closer to the gate for you to retrieve your dog for pick up). We also ask you let us know you are here so we can help ensure that you are the only client entering our boarding area in order to help our clients social distance. 

Whether it be at drop off or pick up. If you see another vehicle is here, or see another client, please be respectful and wait your turn. This not only helps to ensure social distancing for Covid-19 precautions, but it can also be helpful for the dogs. Some dogs get very excited and want to go towards the other dog or person, or could be antisocial with other dogs - either of which could make a dog harder to control for its owner. 



Unfortunately in Pennsylvania pet groomers are considered to be a nonessential business. As long as Berks County, PA has non essential businesses closed we are not allowed to provide grooming services. 

Due to the non essential business closure continuing to be pushed back multiple times we have chosen not to accept scheduling grooming appointments until we are actually allowed to perform grooming services. We do apologize for any inconvenience, however it does help us with having to continuously contact and reschedule clients. 

*Due to the very large time frame grooming was closed due the Covid-19 nonessential business shutdown - we understand many dogs may be very matted since they are now very overdue for grooming. To start out will all grooms scheduled at the beginning of reopening will be shave offs - there will be an estimated 2-3 week minimum for grooms that would like demating, comb outs, detshedding, patterns, etc. Please remember depending on how matted your dog is it can be very very difficult to demat. Mats do not typically come out easily. We do highly recommend these matted dogs be shaved off as it is in the dog's best interest. Then we can get your dog back on a regular schedule (scheduling your next groom at that time that way we can start fresh and work on the future more desired groom if it is different).  Please keep in mind shaving the mats out rather than combing/dematting the mats out is a much quicker less painful/uncomfortable option for your dog. Depending on the severity of the matting it could potentially take hours to demat a dog. When a dog's hair is dematted - whether its a brush, comb, or other dematting tool - the hair gets pulled, which then also means the skin gets pulled (please keep in mind most dogs are more sensitive and disapproving of dematting in certain areas such as the arm pits, belly, and groin areas as well as there are some dogs that do not like certain areas touched - for example some dogs do not like their feet, legs, or faces handled sometimes which also causes an additional difficulty for dematting these areas). Many dogs then try to bite the groomer as a result of attempted de matted. If any dog bites or gets stressed we will have to stop dematting. We do not want any dog being stressed, in pain, or uncomfortable for any reason during any part of their grooming. Please also keep in mind we cannot risk getting bitten. If a groomer gets bitten depending the severity of the bite (as well as possible infection, need for stitches, etc) the groomer may then no longer be able to groom your dog, or anyone else's dogs either, among other tasks. 

To start out will all grooms scheduled at the beginning of reopening will be shave offs - there will be an estimated 2-3 week minimum for grooms that would like demating, comb outs, detshedding, patterns, etc. Please keep in mind there will be a $35 per half hour dematting fee for matted dogs whose owners want them to be dematted rather than the matting shaved off.

Please keep in mind grooming fees are estimated based upon the dog's size, behavior, coat condition and desired groom. Please see rates and services page for estimated grooming fees. 

        * Please keep in mind we have no idea how things will move forward with the Covid-19 pandemic so it is unknown if there will be another closure of non-essential businesses if Covid-19 cases continue to increase. 

When we do resume grooming, as mentioned we will not be welcoming our clients into our office due to Covid-19 concerns and social distancing. When you drop off your dog for grooming you will place your dog into the temporary holding pen which is located within the front gate of our basic boarding area. Please remove your dog's leash and take it with you. The collar may be removed and taken with your as well. These items are not needed for grooming as they are removed for grooming anyway. After you leave your dog there the groomer will come get him/her and bring him/her inside to groom. After being groomed your dog will be placed back in the pen for pick up.
(If there are any concerns about your dog being able to escape the pen a boarding enclosure may be used temporarily. This enclosure would be assigned - please do not just stick your dog in an enclosure as there could already be a dog in it.)


Updating records

We will now being doing a lot more online, and being that you are not coming into the office and potentially updating your record we would also like to take this time to make sure our records are up to date for both all owners and all of their pet(s). Updating of owner and pet information can now be done online please see Submit Forms Online page of our website. 

Please include
  • Owner(s) full first and last name
  • owner's full address
  • owner's e-mail address
  • owner's cell phone number
  • owner's home phone number
  • (you can also provide work number if this may be a number we can reach you at - for example while your pet is here for grooming appointment)

Please include the following for each pet
  • type of animal
  • breed
  • pet's name
  • color (if you'd like to include any particular markings/descriptions you're welcome to)
  • whether or not your pet is spayed/neutered
  • age (its ok if you do not know your pet's exact date of birth but if you could provide an estimate on what year your pet was born (if you are unsure a lot of time your pet's vaccination record has birth date on it)

For those of your boarding
Please let us know whether or you will be reachable while you are on vacation incase there are questions or an emergency (for example will you be leaving the country, or traveling somewhere with poor cell service, or do not intend to have your phone nearby for good chunks of the day)
If we will not be able to reach you (or if you'd like to provide one just in case) please provide an emergency contact for your pet(s). Please let us know the full name and phone number of this person and their relationship to you. Also are they able to make decisions regarding your pet for example if veterinarian care is suspected to be needed or needed. Please also let us know if this emergency contact person will be your designated emergency contact person just for this visit or for all visits. 
Emergency contact form can now be done on the Submit Forms Online page of our website. 

Please remember to update your pet's vaccination records and the actual rabies certificate. 
We recommend you update your pets records sooner rather than later so that way you don't forget or have to worry about it close to your pets boarding stay - for example if for some reason we do not already have your pets' vaccination record and rabies certificate, if vaccinations have just been updated. (Please remember vaccination records are to be e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to 610-944-5728)

  • If we do not already have your pet's vaccination record and rabies certificate on file now is a great time to do so - so that way when you do board we have this already and you do not have to worry about it
  • If your pet just got the vaccination updated now is a good time to update our records so you don't forget when it comes time to board your dog 


Prior to picking up you will be notified of the balance due for your pet's services. This payment can be paid by cash or check. 
Please make checks out to D and D Kennel. 
Please have cash be exact change, because as previously mentioned we will not currently be inviting anyone into our office due to Covid-19 health concerns, therefore no change will be provided. 

Payment can be placed into our drop box. Drop box will be emptied right after each payment is made. 

Payment can also be made online through PayPal.com to our e-mail address [email protected] however in order to accept payment through PayPal, there is percentage which PayPal takes so we do ask that if you choose this payment method that you do add the 3% PayPal takes. 


Cancelation or rescheduling of appointments

If you know you have or suspect you have Covid-19, or that someone in your household does please cancel your appointment! 

When you have recovered and are no longer carrying Covid-19 please feel free to get in touch with us to reschedule your appointment. If you have concern that you may have Covid-19 please contact your doctor. 

Please do not come in if you feel that you or someone you have been in contact with has Covid-19 in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 


Information for all customers

Please stay update to date with information regarding Covid-19 including CDC guidelines, Pennsylvania Department of health guidelines, as well as all possible symptoms of Covid-19. There are many possible symptoms of Covid-19 and please remember you could potentially be spreading Covid-19 when you are asymptomatic (at both the beginning and end of your illness) and if you may actually feel sick. Please keep in mind with Covid-19 you could be asympotomatic, have few symptoms, or have many even if not the most common symptoms.  There have been numerous possible symptoms of Covid-19 noted (please see CDC for symptoms) If you have concern that you may be sick or you know you have recently been exposed to someone with Covid-19 PLEASE reschedule your appointment to help ensure you are not spreading Covid-19. Thank you for your concern of our health as well as the health of our other clients and others in our community. 

We do highly recommend that you have your own hand sanitizer to use as wanted or needed. (For example before and after touching something such as the gate, drop box, etc). 

As always we ask that you allow your dog(s) to go potty before bring him/her/them in (whether its at home before the car ride and or before drop off). (Please clean up after your dog - thank you)

Please remember all dogs must be walked on a leash. No dog is permitted to be off leash in the parking lot. This is for the safety of your dog. Anyone could pull into the parking lot at any time and be unaware of a loose dog in the parking lot, and not see the dog, as well as a dog could take off. Even if you do not think your dog would leave you he/she could get distracted and leave you and we would hate to see your dog get lost or injured. Please keep in mind there is a road right out front that cars could be driving along. Please also do not allow your dog to be loose in the boarding area either as we do not want dogs going up to other dogs who are in their enclosures as this poses a safety concern for both the dogs that are in their enclosures as well as your dog(s) (antisocial dogs could try to fight, and or scare or excite a dog)
Please keep in mind we ask that you do not approach any other dog's enclosures - there are some dogs who may not be friendly with strangers, who may be stressed by someone else coming over, and or even a dog who is not to get excited and due to injury, arthritis, etc and not wanted to be be jumping around checking out visitors. 

Please make sure you close when you go through a gate you close it behind you, when you put your dog into the enclosure please make sure it is properly closed, and when you leave again please make sure the gate is closed behind you - this is to help ensure no dog gets loose. 

For safety liability reasons: We also ask that only one person enter our facility for pick up and drop off unless for some reason you need help with your dog. Please note also due to safety liability reasons children are not permitted. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but to Covid-19 health precautions including social distancing measures we feel this is the safest option. (Previously we did not allow anyone into the boarding facility alone for safety precautions - all drop offs, pick ups, and tours were only done with kennel technician present)

Please be patient with us with these new changes due to Covid-19. We have been researching in order to learn and maintain proper health precautions as well as work on what the best ways to implement these health precautions into our business would be. Please keep an eye out for updates as we may change how we operate depending on how things go moving forward, both with how we do pick ups and drop offs as well as based upon CDC and or State/local guide lines change. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or problems with these changes please let us know directly (Call 610-944-6468 or e-mail [email protected]). If you have any questions or concerns after reading through everything please feel free to call us with questions. 

We appreciate you taking the time to support a local family owned and operated business. 

We do ask you for your support in maintaining proper health guild lines - this affects both our family which does include young children to seniors, as well as your own family, our other clients and their families, as well as the other people and families in our community which either of us could come into contact with. Please keep in mind whether it's our family, your family, our other clients, those in our community - there are children, seniors, and those with preexisting conditions which are considered to be at high risk of Covid-19. Please follow all recommendations to help keeping everyone healthy. We appreciate your consideration during this difficult uncertain time. Thank you. 


Covid-19 related links 

The following are links to other websites that may help to better inform you of Covid-19 information:

- Pennsylvania Department of Health Coronavirus (Covid-19) - https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx

- Berks County, Pennsylvania Covid-19  - https://www.co.berks.pa.us/Dept/DES/Pages/Corona-Virus.aspx

- Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture COVID-19 GUIDANCE: Essential Businesses for Boarding Kennels, Doggie Daycares, Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries, and Rescues

- CDC Covid-19 - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

- CDC Covid-19 Guidance https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/communication/guidance-list.html?Sort=Date%3A%3Adesc

- CDC Coronavirus symptoms - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

- CDC Covid-19 Going Out - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/going-out.html

- CDC Covid-19 Prevent Getting Sick - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/index.html

- CDC Covid-19 Pets and other Animals - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/animals/pets-other-animals.html