D and D Kennel

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Please take note due to Covid-19 we do have new procedures. Please read our new procedures page. Thank you. 


Payment policy:

Boarding balances over $300 are due at time of check in, and balances under $300 are due at time of check out. 

 We accept cash and personal checks only. We do not accept credit cards. 

Cancelation policy: 

A fee of $40.00 will be added to your account if your boarding reservation is not cancelled 48 hours prior to the reservation day. If you are unable to make your appointment please let us know as soon as possible.

Rescheduling policy: 

Is there a chance you may come home early and want to pick up your dog early? Of course its not a problem for you to pick up your dog early (by appointment within our office hours) - however if we are not notified within 48 hours prior of new pick up date and time you will still be charged for the original reservation. Unfortuntely due to it being the busy summer travel season, holiday seasons, etc. there are many dates in which we book up completely and have to turn clients away so it is very helpful to be properly aware of when clients are and are not coming in so we do appreciate updates on reservations, rescheduling needs - both days and times, or cancelation/reschudling of reservations so we know what our boarding availability is. Thank you for your understanding. 

If you have any questions regarding our rates and services please contact us


Our grooming facility is open by appointment only, for a variety of services.  For example hair cut, shave off, bathing, drying, nail clipping/filing, ear hair removal, ear cleaning, etc. At the end of your pet's vacation you may consider having him or her groomed, bathed, or nails clipped.  All of our guests are examined for signs of flea or tick infestation. 

Our groomers are both AKC S.A.F.E. Groomers. 

*Please note these prices are estimated. Prices are subject to change due to pet's coat condition and behavior. Prices may also vary depending on desired hair cut. 

Small dog

Medium dog

Large dog

Extra large dog 

Standard Poodles




Cat grooming



Boarding fees start the day of check in regardless of what time you check in.

Check out is by 11:00am. If you check out after 11:00am you will be charged for that day as well. 

Please remember to check out our boarding requirements - all dogs and cats must be up to date on all vaccinations. Copies of vaccination record including rabies certificate can be e-mailed [email protected] or faxed 610-944-5728. Vaccination records do need to be received prior to boarding. 

You can now Submit Forms Online including boarding contracts, emergency contact form, owner and pet information up. If your pet is on medication there is also a medication form to be filled out. Forms needs to be received prior to check in. 


Small Animal Boarding

Small pet boarding: $20 per pet per day 

We board dogs and cats, as well as we also board small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. 


Cat Boarding

Cats: $20.00 per cat per day 

Cat boarding is on the deluxe side. They have a spacious enclosure. There is also a fish bowl for the cat(s) on their enclosure. 

If you would like him/her to be outside of the enclosure for holding time or playtime, it is $3.00 per session.  


Basic Dog

Dogs basic boarding: $30 per dog per day

Basic dog boarding is on the basic side. The basic side is a basic indoor outdoor kennel enclosure. The basic side is heated or air conditioned as needed. 

Walks and playtime are not included, but are available for an additional fee.  

Virtual tour video of our basic boarding enclosure can be viewed on the Virtual Tour page of our website or pictures in the photo album on our website or Facebook page photo album.  

 Deluxe All Inclusive Dog Boarding

All inclusive deluxe dog boarding: $40 per dog per day

All inclusive dog boarding is on the deluxe side. The deluxe side features upscale indoor outdoor dog enclosures, glass doors, food and water bowls up off the floor, Kuranada dog beds with additional bedding, as well as holiday or seasonal decorations. The deluxe side is heated or air condition as needed, as well as the deluxe are also features heated floors. 

All inclusive boarding includes one walk, one individual playtime, and one group playtime (if social with other dogs) per day.  (If the dog is not social with other dogs, not spayed/neutered, or you do not wish for your dog to participate in group playtime - he/she will get another individual playtime instead of the group playtime. For the safety of all dogs participating in group play all dogs are evaluated before being allowed to join group playtime).

Virtual tour of our deluxe side can be viewed in the photo album on our website or photo album or videos on our Facebook page


Additional boarding services information and pricing:

Individual Playtime

Individual playtime is $5.00 per session. 

Individual playtime is with just your pet and a kennel technician.

Individual playtime takes place in our fenced in play yard.  

Group Playtime

Group playtime is $5.00 per session.

For the safety of all dogs participating in a group playtime session, all dogs are evaluated to make sure they fit well into the play group. Kennel technicians are also present watching the dogs and playing with the dogs in group play sessions.    

Group playtime takes place in our fenced in play yard.  

Dogs that are not spayed and not neutered are not eligible to participate in group playtime. (they may have an individual playtime)


Walks are $5.00 per session.

We do all walks on our property. We have several acres here and the property is fenced in. We do not walk dogs in the street. 

Medication, Supplements, etc Administered

There is a $1.00 fee per administration each time it needs to be administered. 

This includes medication, vitamins, supplements,etc. 

Please make sure you provide us with specific information on what the medication is for, dosage, any special instructions regarding the medication, any special care that may be needed for your pet, etc. (This information can be submitted through the Medication form on the Submit Forms Online page of our website. 

If your pet eats his/her medication in pill pockets, meat, cheese, can food, etc please provide it. 

Please only provide the amount of medication needed for your pet's stay. Please do not provide an entire bottle of medication if it is not needed. For example a pill case may be may up for his/her stay. 


In Home Pet Sitting

Whether you leave home for work or a few days improve your pets well-being as well as your peace of mind.  Our professional staff takes pride in caring for your pets. We can come to your home and keep your pets on their natural schedule in their comfortable non-threatening surroundings and there can be a rotation of lights, open and closing of curtains, watering plants, bringing in mail, dogs can be exercised, socialized, get fresh air, and of course take care of business.

Cats also enjoy play time as well and love lots of attention our visits also include feeding and litter box care.

PRICES START AT $25.00 PER VISIT (for up to two pets)

Call us now for your complimentary phone consultation to discus your pets needs and pricing while you are away
or for a 25.00 fee we can come to you and start building a relationship with your pets before you go away.

To be provided with pet sitting you must live within the following areas: Fleetwood, Blandon, and Oley, PA. 

Pet Day Care

We offer day care services that span across the life time of your pet. Is your dog bored when you are away from home, occasionally chews or eats inappropriate items inside your home, barks incessantly while unprovoked, urinates or defecates inside your home, and or is destructive? He or she may just need something to do. At  D and D Kennel we offer off leash exercise in our expanded play yard with socialization our staff can provide the frequent attention that your pet craves when your schedule requires you to be away from home for extended times during the day. We offer an alternative to being left home alone, which includes socialization and human interaction throughout their day, small group plays, exercise, running, catch, and fetch allowing your pet to have a safe interaction with other dogs of similar activity levels our groups are monitored by a trained staff member at all times.

We recommend that all pets come with their own food, treats and toys from home in order to keep them on the same diet that they normally eat.

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

$20 per dog per day

Pet Photography

D and D Kennel now also offers pet photography services. Our photographer photographs pets as well as their humans. Check out the examples pictured below. 

Pet Photography pricing can range depending on photo shoot location, photo shoot time period, as well as number and sizing of prints and or images on CDs, as well as whether or not there is photo editing. There are also specials on occasion.